The Abundant Life

John 10:10 (RSV)
"The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I came that they may have life, and have it abundantly."

Some of us know the dreadful experience of having a house robbed. Of having someone invade our private, personal domain and carry off or ruin our treasured belongings. Some of us even know the horror of being robbed while in our homes. And unfortunately, not all survive such an ordeal. The thief steals not only material possessions, but a sense of security in what should be the safest place. The thief not only kills victims in the way, but also kills the joy they provided to their family and friends. The thief not only destroys things in the home, but also peace of mind.

Anything or anyone who takes us away from Christ is a thief. Sometimes people or things in life cause one to put Jesus farther and farther away from the center. People sometimes turn to other things as though true happiness, true life, could be found there. And if this goes on long enough, such people will find in the end that those things stole, killed, and destroyed their chances for eternal life in God's kingdom.

On the other hand, those who keep Christ at the center of their lives have true joy and life. Even when the road of life gets rough and bumpy, nothing will be able to take away the peace of mind of those who abide in Christ. Nothing will be able to steal, kill, or destroy it as long as we trust in Him.

The abundant life Jesus promises to those who accept Him by faith is not only for heaven, but begins right now in this life. Jesus seeks not only to provide us with an eternal life of happiness beyond imagination in His kingdom, but wants us to experience inner joy and peace now. The kind of joy and peace that lasts and provides comfort in even the worst of times.

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