Information taken from Astrology,
by John Ankerberg and John Weldon

Definition: Astrology is a practice based on the assumption that the stars and planets mysteriously influence the lives of men. It teaches that the influence of the heavens begins at birth and continues throughout a person's life.

Comparison Between Astrology and Christianity




God Impersonal-nature Personal-triune
Jesus Astrologer, psychic Saviour and God
Means of personal salvation By personal merit through self-perfection By grace through faith
Source of redemption Inevitable evolutionary process Propitiatory atonement
Death Reincarnation Glorification
The final state Cosmic absorption Personal immortality
Source of authority Astrological practice Bible
Mediator Professional astrologer Jesus Christ
Sin Ignorance or karma Disobedience to God
Philosophy Pantheism, gnosticism Theism
Nature of faith Subjective, mystical Objective, historical
Morality Relative, amoral Absolute
Man One with the cosmos Created (God's image)
Relation to occult Accepts Rejects
Source of information Horoscope chart Bible
 Object of consultation The star's influence God
Emphasis Divination Sanctification
Object of faith Self Christ
Object of worship Creation Creator
Revealer of reality Chart Holy Spirit/Bible
Accountability Stars God

The Occult