The Biblical Bottom Line

The Bible clearly condemns and warns against the views and practices of witches and witchcraft. Witches can believe what they want, but they should not delude themselves or others with the notion that their views square with the Bible, the church, or Jesus Christ. Witches should not distort the teachings of the Bible or Christianity or tamper with the teachings of Christ to fit their false beliefs and practices. They should simply be informed and honest enough to admit that the two are as far apart as east is from west, and never the two shall meet. If they do not concur with the biblical teaching, then they ought to simply say so and be done with it but not try to turn Christianity's teachings into the mirror image of theirs.

Many witches will not acquiesce to the preponderance of the biblical evidence marshaled against witchcraft. Arnold and Patricia Crowther are indicative of this mentality when they write regarding witchcraft that some "modern writers" who "still believe in the evil of witchcraft ... are usually strict Christian writers who want to maintain the evil image of witches. Their books are usually full of quotations from the old witch trials and in their bibliographies they never list any books by pro-witch writers or by witches themselves, though they must have read these books." (1) It seems hardly necessary to mention that this is not the case with this work.

Similarly, many witches appear constitutionally unwilling or unable, perhaps because of bigotry or narrow-mindedness, to admit that many individuals adequately understand their beliefs and practices yet reject them. This rejection is not out of ignorance, bigotry, narrow-mindedness, or any other epithets that witches cast their way. It is because of a sober understanding of the biblical teaching on witchcraft, and the failings, falsehoods, and implications of the witchcraft worldview.

There are numerous other concerns and areas of radical disagreement between witchcraft and Christianity. Witchcraft and the Bible stand in stark contrast with each other. We have concentrated more on the occultic aspect of witchcraft, but as should be evident, Christianity and witchcraft are worldviews apart.

Taken from the book: "Witchcraft: Exploring the World of Wicca", by Craig S. Hawkins. Published by Baker Book House Company.

(1) Crowther and Crowther, Secrets of Ancient Witchcraft, p. 213.

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