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Periodically, I receive requests from people asking for permission to copy the material on this site for use in church Bible studies, personal use, etc. If this is your desire, you are most welcome to do so. However, please do not alter the material and give the citation of where you found it and the author noted on the material.

Feel free to photocopy any material you find on this site. My wish is to make it freely available to all. Make as many photocopies as you like. Distribute them. Just please do not seek to make a profit from the material. If, somehow, you do, please put the funds back into producing more material. If you receive freely, freely give.

My main purpose for this site is that it will be effective in sharing the gospel with the lost, be useful to the Body of Christ, and that most of all will bring glory and honor to the Lord Jesus Christ.

Please use the material, print it, distribute it free of charge; link to the pages; or link to the site.

Just simply use it for the propagation of the gospel of Christ.

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