Keeping the Lines of Communication Open
1 Thessalonians 5:17 (NASB)
"Pray without ceasing."

What does it mean to pray without ceasing? Why does God's word call on us to do this? Does this mean we have to be on our knees in prayer all day and all night?

We should go through our daily activities with our hearts open to whatever Lord the wants to tell us. We should ever be in an attitude of prayer so that we may hear His still, small voice.

This can be likened to having an e-mail box open on a computer desktop. One can be working on a term paper, playing a game, working on a budget, or running some other program application and still keep the e-mail box open. No matter what else is happening on the computer desktop, messages can be sent and received in the e-mail box at any time. Our prayer life can be like this.

Communing with God would be better if we grew accustomed to talking and listening to Him frequently throughout the day whenever the opportunity arose, rather than trying to set aside a large block of time (when sleep could become more of a problem).

One of the best gifts we have in Christ Jesus is that we can pray to the Father at any time. We need to make use of our built-in modems and keep the e-mail box open, so that we may have that special communion with God that He wants us to have. Whatever concerns, needs, words of praise or thanks that come to mind, we can send them to Him at any time or place. All we need to do is send our thoughts heavenward, and be open to anything the Lord wishes to reveal to us.

May we all come to enjoy a closer walk with God through constant prayer.

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