Psychic Friends?

Isaiah 8:19-20 (TEV)
"But people will tell you to ask for messages from fortune-tellers and mediums, who chirp and mutter. They will say, 'After all, people should ask for messages from the spirits and consult the dead on behalf of the living.' You are to answer them, 'Listen to what the LORD is teaching you! Don't listen to mediums-what they tell you will do you no good.'"

Times past, people would seek out mediums to conjure up the dead so that they could receive advice about issues of greatest concern to them their lives. But today, this practice is giving way to calling psychic hotlines. In recent years, some of us may have noticed the rise in popularity of various psychic phone hotlines on television. These hotlines, formerly relegated to air time in the very early hours of the morning, are now on prime time. It seems that no matter what channel one turns to these days, some actor is there along with apparently satisfied customers hailing the benefits of talking to a "psychic". These advertisements encourage viewers to call on the phone and seek guidance in areas such as personal finance, romance, career choices, etc.

Even some professed Christians feel it is harmless to talk to psychic hotlines. After all, do the advertisements not say that what they offer is for entertainment value only? It is not just for fun? Well, the danger of this "harmless fun" is that it turns people away from following God. It can place one on a very slippery slope. First it is calling psychic phone lines, then it is playing with Ouija boards, until one finds himself more deeply involved in the occult than originally planned.

The Bible warns us all the dangers of dabbling in the dark activities off the occult. Playing in the devil's playground places one's soul at great risk. Why turn to unreliable guides who seek the money of the unwary when God, who seeks only the best for His children, provides the answers to life's most important questions freely? Why not make Jesus Christ the Source we turn to so that we may truly live the abundant life He promised to those who trust in Him (John 10:10)?

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