Trust in the Lord

by Matthew J. Slick

Who do you know that is trustworthy? I mean, really trustworthy. Do you know anyone that you could trust with your life? With your money? With your home? If you do, then you know there is a special bond between you. One of the reasons you are able to trust another so much is because of the character of that person. You cannot trust a thief or a liar. But you can trust someone who has a track record of integrity, honesty, faithfulness, etc. So, in a very real sense, trust (faith) is only as good as the one you put it in. 

God is trustworthy. The Bible tells us to trust God. In fact, the middle verse of the Bible is Psalm 118:9 which says, "It is better to trust in the LORD than to put confidence in man." While we sleep, the Lord is awake. Though we cannot see the path ahead of us with all its blessings and troubles, the Lord sees it and guides us through it with His love. These are truths we need to hear. Has not the Lord been ruling the world before we were born? Most assuredly, yes. Will He not rule it in the future? Of course. Since these are both true, then should not all of us Christians be trusting the Lord to rule not only this world but also our lives in the present? 

Faith is an awesome reality when placed in the true God. The false gods of the cults and false world religions cannot save or help anyone anymore than the false gods of money, possessions, and power. Oh sure, we can make ourselves safe by getting a good job, having good insurance, or getting check ups. But the reality is that all of the blessings that we receive are ultimately from the Lord (Matthew 5:43-48). In fact, to put your trust in anything without giving glory to God, the true God, is a waste of time since it is a temporary satisfaction. Ultimately, we will stand before God on the Day of Judgment.

If there was any time when you need to trust anyone for anything, it is on the coming Day of Judgment when the Lord Himself will judge the works and motives of all people who have ever lived. We need a fair and righteous Judge who will impartially and perfectly administer righteousness to everyone -- and that is just what will happen. God's holiness requires perfection and those who have sinned against Him will be judged. You can trust God to do that and to do it correctly. And that is the problem for us. Because I can trust the Lord to do what is right, I must stand before Him and be judged -- as will you. But, for those of us who have trusted in Christ, we are the only ones who will escape the righteous judgment of God upon the sinners. Only those who have trusted in the Lord Jesus, God in flesh, risen Lord, Savior, will be able to rest and not fear on that Day. Why? Because we can trust God at His word that when He says we will be saved from condemnation if we trust in Jesus, that it is true. You see, our trust, our faith, is only as good as the one we put it in.

God is not a man from another planet (Mormonism), nor is Jesus a created angel (Jehovah's Witnesses). Jesus is not a mere prophet (Islam), and He is not a man in tune with the divine consciousness (New Age). Nope. Jesus is God in the flesh, the Creator, the Redeemer, and the lover of our souls.

Therefore, trust in Him and in Him alone in all things. Trust Him to be faithful to you. Look to Him in all that you do and in all that you experience, even when it is difficult. Remember, faith is only as good as the one you put it in. Since we Christians serve the true and awesome God of the universe, our faith, our trust, will not be wasted.

Taken from the CARM Newsletter, January 2, 2003, Short Bible Lesson -- Trust in the Lord.
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