The purpose of this work is to demonstrate to the rational skeptic, beyond a reasonable doubt, the existence of God. The first part of this work, containing the excellent work of Brownlow Maitland, is geared to this purpose and should adequately accomplish this end. If you are afraid to know or understand the truth of this matter, then do not continue reading, for you will find yourself in the position of having to make a choice once you have digested what is contained here.

The second part of this work is designed to provide a rational basis for the Christian worldview. It includes reasons why I believe Christianity to not only be a viable belief system, but the only one that adequately answers the basic questions of existence, namely, our origins, our present state of affairs, and where we are going. It is hoped that this work will be of great benefit to anyone who is seeking to settle this issue, and that it will enlighten those who have already settled the matter for themselves.

Rolaant L. McKenzie