The Characteristics of a Cult

Theological Characteristics

1. Devaluation of the Bible.

2. Devaluation of the nature of God.

3. Denial of the Trinity.

4. Devaluation of the Person of Christ.

5. Devaluation of the life and work of Christ.

6. Non-biblical teachings about the Holy Spirit.

7. Exalted view of human nature.

8. False basis of salvation.

9. Non-biblical teachings about the after-life.

10. Demonic activity denied or overemphasized.

Sociological Characteristics

1. Deceptive recruiting practices.

2. Dynamic and authoritarian leadership.

3. Elitism.

4. Cultic vocabulary.

5. Alienation from family and friends.

6. Legalism.

7. Induced fatigue.

8. Sanction oriented.

9. Anti-intellectual.

10. Thought stopping.

11. No professional clergy.

12. Doctrine in flux/false prophesies.

13. Financial exploitation.

14. Mind control.

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