Some Hard Facts About the ...

Seventh-day Adventists

by Fred Grigg

Welcome to what has become the most controversial information pages listed at this site. This ministry has come into criticism from all fronts, since it began in 1978, over its labelling of Seventh-day Adventists (SDA's) as being a cult! Over the years SDA Church leaders, and its members, have frequently "spat the dummy" during personal discussions, by telephone and mail, regarding the origin, sources, teachings and practices of the Church and its interpretation of Scripture.

Some of the recent email messages received only show how deceived and vitriolic the SDA's really are. For example, recent e-mail messages loudly shout: "Error!!!"; "Wrong!"; "Out of Context!"; "We are not interested in what Ellen G. White said over 100 years ago!"; "Get your facts straight!"; "Why don't you go to the leaders of the (Adventist) Church and ask them if they are a cult!" (Ha!); "Why don't you visit the SDA Homepage and see for yourself that we are not a cult!" (again, Ha!); "My friend, you should brush up on your history of the Seventh-day Adventists!" ... and so on!

How do we respond? As lovingly as we can. We really have done our homework and researched the roots of the SDA's (would that our Adventist critics take the time to do their own research!). Where most people have difficulty is in our quotes from the writings of Ellen G. White and others who were once in leadership. Remember, if the leaders at any time claimed to "speak for God", or to just be His "Messenger" then they are acting in the role of a "prophet" and are therefore subject to the Biblical tests relating to that role (please go to the Help Topics on the Site Index Page for more detailed information).

Simply, where those that are critical of us are wrong, is that they have not even bothered to check the sources we have quoted (in particular the editions quoted from -- as later/more recent  editions have been changed and sanitised to hide the errors the embarrassments that we raise), nor have our critics read fully from the site Help Topics to understand where it is that we are coming from in our ability to boldy label a group as a cult!  True Christians don't suffer from 'knee-jerk' reactions! Christians are people who act, not react! Most who react do not follow the principle from Acts 17:10-12!

Why all the fuss? We simply believe that anyone who claims to be "Christian" should readily be open to scrutiny and question. True Christians should never, ever be insecure in their beliefs -- they should be always ready to give an answer to anyone who challenges their faith in accord with 1st Peter 3:15, which says, "... Always be prepared to make a defense to any one who calls you to account for the hope that is in you, yet do it with gentleness and reverence ..."  One could hardly say that we have been on the receiving end of gentleness and reverence from most of our SDA critics!

Many SDA's are unaware that their own publications contain the quotes in this article. The SDA missionary who comes to you, or the ones with whom you come into contact through their Health/Stress/Quit Smoking Programs, etc., are not very well informed of their own Church's origins (of course they strongly dispute this statement, but one must remember that they have been 'spoon fed' their understandings of their church's history). However, they are a loyal and zealous people, admirable citizens, and they have a practical welfare movement throughout the world. E.B. Price of the Greater Sydney Conference of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, says:

"The story of Seventh-day Adventist growth and organisation is a thrilling one in a world where the Christian faith is declining. Using every possible means available to reach mankind, they [the SDA's] are found preaching in the largest public halls, or in the remotest jungle villages. Each week their voice is heard on over 7,000 radio and television stations, which belt the globe. From 445 branch offices, millions of pieces of literature in 203 languages are distributed from their 50 publishing houses, as they are posted or taken personally from door-to-door. In 38,000 Sabbath Schools and thousands more Branch and Vacation Bible Schools, Bible truth is taught, and a further outreach to young people is made through their 5,000 day schools, colleges and universities. They also follow the example of Christ, who went about doing good, with a very practical ministry of helping to alleviate suffering through their 345 clinics and hospitals, where healing is brought to millions. Millions more in distress are helped each year in their welfare work outlined in the Bible for Christians."

The fruit that Jesus tells us to judge in Matthew 7:16 is NOT the fruit of some charitable organisation, or in this case, the SDA social welfare programme, nor the large number of churches and subsidiary organisations, nor is He referring to the fruit of the Holy Spirit. Jesus said to judge PROPHETS on the fruit of their prophecies, i.e., did their prophecies come to pass? If not, then they are 'false prophets'!

E.B. Price goes on to say: "A last warning message is to be given to the world. This witness outlined in Revelation 14:6-12 is a world-wide preaching of the gospel, which among its other distinctive features, calls out people to keep the commandments of God and the faith of Jesus. A small group of people believing God had called them to do this work, organised themselves into the Seventh-day Adventist Church in 1863, and since that time have spread throughout the world to become one of the most vigorous and fastest growing churches. By 1960, they had over a million members, and within the next 13 years they doubled this membership. Today they number well over [8,600,000] baptised adult members, speaking [about 600] languages and spread throughout practically every country of the world. Hundreds of thousands continue to swell their ranks each year."

So, the SDA believes he is part of the "Remnant Church" specifically tasked with fulfilling "God's will for the world" at this time. Note also that in Price's reasoning, which is typical of all SDA's, he tries to influence his reader that the diversity and size of the 'works' of the SDA Church MUST be proof of God's backing! (In fact the JW's and even many in the Christian Church wrongly take this point of view -- numbers mean nothing!).

 The Roots: Let's examine the roots of this small group of people who believe they are 'the remnant' church! Did God really call them? If this was not God, then who did call them? At this point, I'd like to point out that some publications from both the SDA's and the Jehovah's Witness organisations would appear to trace their origins from the same source. However, neither organisation will admit to this claim. No doctrinal issues are considered in this effort on tracing the SDA source, but the notes on the Jehovah's Witnesses contain the relevant data on related prophetic material, and especially, doctrinal similarities.

When confronted by these people, we should show love towards them, and have a desire to see them attain to eternal life. If you cannot witness in love, do not embarrass the Gospel. Keep in mind that the real fault for the deception is with those who control the organisation, not with the individual. The leaders are those who deceive the individual. With this in view, it is necessary to discover clearly and quickly where the beliefs of the organisation originated. It is wisdom not to debate biblical doctrine on these issues, for these people are as entitled to their biblical interpretation as you are to yours. But the issue to be clarified here is, are they following a prophet of the true God? Were their prophecies fulfilled and were they scripturally based? Are they really God's spokesmen as they claim?

WHAT IS A PROPHET? A prophet is one who speaks on behalf of another. A prophet is one who claims God spoke to them, or showed them something in a vision. A seer, however, is one who predicts future events not written in the Holy Scriptures; read Deut. 18:20-22. [The books from which I will be quoting are available from SDA bookshops, or if the original printings are not available, you may find out where they can be purchased or viewed by contacting Mandate Ministries].

  • Do the followers of Ellen G. White, now known as Seventh-day Adventists, believe and claim her to be a prophet? Here is an extract from "The Advent Review and Herald", 4th October, 1928: (note that this view was held as late as 1928).

Quote No. 1: "Seventh-day Adventists hold that Ellen G. White (nee Harmon), performed the work of a true prophet during the seventy years of her public ministry. As Samuel was a prophet, as Jeremiah was a prophet, as John the Baptist so we believe that Mrs. White was a prophet to the Church of Christ today."

  • Did Ellen G. White herself claim to be a prophet? This extract is from the book, "Visions of Mrs. E.G. White", Testimony 31, p. 63:

Quote No 2: "God was speaking through clay. In these letters which I write, in the testimonies I bear, I am presenting to you that which the Lord has presented to me. I do not write one article expressing merely my own ideas. They are what God has opened before me in vision -- the precious rays of light shining from the throne."

Quote No. 3: "When I send you a testimony of warning and reproof, many of you declare it to be merely the opinion of Sister White. You have thereby insulted the spirit of God." (E.G. White Testimonies, Vol. 5, p. 661)

Quote No. 4: "Those who are reproved by the spirit of God should not rise up against the humble instrument. It is God, and not an erring mortal, who has spoken to save them from ruin." ("Testimony for the Church", Vol. 3, p. 257)

  • Did Ellen G. White claim she was not a prophetess? From "Selected Messages", Book 1, p. 34, we read:

Quote No. 5: "To claim to be a prophetess is something I have never done. If others call me by that name, I have no controversy with them." However, on page 36 of the same book, under the sub-heading, "The Work of a Prophet and More", she writes:

Quote No. 6: "My work includes much more than this name signifies. I REGARD MYSELF as a messenger for His (God's) people."

The SDA organisation endeavours to play down the early dates of E.G. White, as she herself also did in later times. But her earlier writings clearly give the later-forgotten [or ignored] prophetical dates. The SDA organisation, no matter how you look at it, evolved out of a group called the "Millerites"; however, they do not like being associated with this group, because of Miller's failed predictions for the "coming of Jesus" for which he named specific dates, and which failure consequently brought discredit to him and his followers.

In "Early Writings", Letter No. 38, 1889, Ellen G. White on knowing the time of the end says:

Quote No. 7: "I have not the slightest knowledge as to the time spoken by the voice of God. I heard the hour proclaimed, but had no remembrance of that hour after I came out of vision."

From "Selected Messages", Book 1, p. 60, she states:

Quote No. 8: "In our frequent change of location in the earlier history of the publishing work, I have crossed the plains no less than 17 times. I lost all trace of the first published works ... And here I pause to state that any of our people having in their possession a copy of any, or all of my first views, as published prior to 1851, will do me a great favour if they will send them to me without delay."

Until recently, there were no early copies available for reference. One original is now available. It is titled "A Word to the Little Flock", by James White, Ellen's husband. [SDA's will deny that Ellen G. White ever claimed an exact date of Christ's return]. Let us turn to the original printings -- not the revised editions -- of "A Word to the Little Flock", p. 22, by James White (1847)   Later editions have been edited and some of the valuable original quotes were deleted!

Let her [Ellen G. White] speak for herself:

Quote No. 9: "It was just as impossible for them (those that gave up their faith in the 1843, 1844, 1845 movement) to get on the path again and go to the city, as all the wicked world which God had rejected. They fall all the way along the path one after the other."

Note: The following is omitted from later editions: "... until we heard the voice of God like many waters which gave us the day and the hour of Jesus' coming. The living saints, 144,000 in number, knew and understood the voice while the wicked thought it was thunder and an earthquake. When God spake the time, he poured on us the Holy Ghost, and our faces began to light up and shine with the glory of God as Moses' did when he came down from Mt. Sinai."

What was the date Ellen G. White claimed and was waiting for? From the same book, "A Word to the Little Flock", p. 22, 1847 edition, by her husband, James White:

Quote No. 10: "It is well known that many were expecting the Lord to come at the 7th Month 1845. That Christ would then come we firmly believed. A few days before the time passed, I was at Fairhaven, and Dartmouth, Mass., with a message on this point of time. At this time, Ellen was with the band at Carver, Mass., "where she saw in vision, that we should be disappointed." (The seventh month reckoned here is according to the Jewish Calendar. Therefore, the equivalent date in reckoning in our present calendar is October.

Ellen G. White herself made two statements:

1. She did hold a date of Christ's return (which was false);

2. That no one could be saved after 1844, and evidence of this is found in "Selected Messages", Book 1, p. 63.

Quote No. 11: "For a time after the disappointment in 1844, I did hold, in common with the advent body, that the door of mercy was then forever closed to the world ... I was shown in vision, and I still believe that there was a shut door in 1844."

Remember, today's followers of Seventh-day Adventism believe Ellen G. White to be a true prophet of God (indeed, if they do not believe this, they are then not true Seventh-day Adventists!). On what evidence can this statement be based?

Quote No. 12: (From "Origin and Progress" -- The Sanctuary and the Sabbath, pp. 186-187):

Paragraph 1: "The Sabbath of Jehovah stood for loyalty to God; the other sabbath represented a rival power."

Paragraph 3: "This message began to be given to the world, as we have seen, in the Advent preaching of 1831-44."

Paragraph 4: "The second message, 'Babylon is fallen, that great city, because she made all nations drink of the wine of the wrath of her fornication', was first sounded in the Summer and early Autumn of 1844, when it finally became clear to the Adventists that they must separate from the popular Churches."

Paragraph 7: "Further light was shed upon the matter by a view given Miss Ellen G. Harmon ... She saw a vision, the heavenly Sanctuary, with the ark of God and the mercy seat, over which two angels bent with covering wings. This, she was told by her accompanying angel, represented the heavenly host looking with reverential awe upon the law written with the finger of God. The cover of the ark was then raised and she saw the tablets of stone, the fourth commandment in the centre encircled by a soft halo of light. Said the angel: 'IT IS THE ONLY ONE OF THE TEN WHICH DEFINES THE LIVING GOD WHO CREATED THE HEAVENS AND THE EARTH AND ALL THINGS THAT ARE THEREIN'."

Who are the keepers of "the other sabbath" and who does Ellen G. White consider as the rival power of page 186, paragraph 1? She answers these questions in "Spiritual Gifts", Vol. 1, p. 189, where she refers back to paragraph 4.

Quote No. 13: "I saw the state of the different churches since the second angel proclaimed their fall (in 1844). They have been growing more and more corrupt ... SATAN HAS TAKEN FULL POSSESSION of the churches as a body ... Their PROFESSION, their PRAYERS and their exhortations are an ABOMINATION in the sight of God."

Not all SDA believers realise these visions are claimed by Mrs. White herself to be from God. The SDA's claim that she got the Seventh-day Adventist teaching from one Joseph Bates. In "Origin and Progress" -- The Sanctuary and the Sabbath, p. 187, we read:

Quote No. 14: "Joseph Bates, who was the first to lead out in giving the Sabbath reform message, traveled all over New England and New York ..."

Concerning the 'seventh-day sabbath' (Saturday), if Joseph Bates, a man influenced by the Seventh-day Baptists who joined Miller in 1840, is correct, and Ellen G. White's vision of Quote 12, paragraph 4, was of God and confirms his teaching, then E.G. White's vision of Quote 13 is either true or E.G. White was deceived.

If a true vision, and as the present SDA organisation claims that Ellen G. White is a true prophet, then all other churches ARE ... corrupt ... possessed by satan -- "their professions, prayers and exhortations are an abomination in the sight of God." If  this is a false vision, then can her other visions be relied upon? The Bible says that one false prophecy makes one false prophet, Deuteronomy 18:20-21. Can the SDA's now, without any doubt, claim her to be a true prophet?

What is it to be? A false prophet and the SDA's are wrong,

or a true prophet and all other churches are corrupt and satanic?

Can we prove Ellen G. White made false prophecies or had false visions? It is not the intention here to go into minute detail, as the they can be followed up by the serious student. Quoted in "The Great Controversy", under the heading "An American Reformer", pp. 332-333, is the following:

Quote No. 15: "In 1833, Miller received from the Baptist church of which he was a member, a licence to preach. In 1835, two years after, Miller began to present in public the evidence of Christ's soon coming, the last of the signs appeared which were promised by Christ."

Ellen G. White herself states in "Early Writings", pp. 232-233:

Quote No. 16: "I saw God was in the proclamation of the time in 1843. It was his design to arouse people and bring them to a testing point where they should decide for or against the truth: thousands were led to embrace the truth preached by William Miller ... The preaching of definite time called forth great opposition for all classes ..."

What was E.G. White's view of Miller's teaching? The following is taken from "Life Sketches: Parentage and Early Life", pp. 136-137:

Quote No. 17: "In March, 1840, William Miller visited Portland, Mass., and gave his first course of lectures on the second coming of Christ. These lectures produced a great sensation, and the Christian Church on Casco Street that Mr. Miller occupied, was crowded day and night." "Mr. Miller dwelt upon the prophecies, comparing them with the Bible history, that the end of the world was near ... But now I was listening to the most solemn and powerful sermons to the effect that Christ was coming in 1843, only a few short years in the future."

From the same publication, pp. 148-149, we read Mrs. White's words:

Quote No. 18: "In June 1842, Mr. Miller gave his second course of lectures in the Casco Street Church in Portland. The different denominations, with a very few exceptions, closed the doors of their churches against Mr. Miller. I believed the solemn words spoken by the servant of God and my heart was aggrieved when they were opposed or made the subject of jest. I attended the meetings at Casco Street quite frequently, and believed that Jesus was soon to come in the clouds of heaven."

The coming of Christ did not take place in 1843; therefore, was E.G. White (at the time 'Harmon') victim of a deceiving spirit, or was it just error on the part of a young girl? I quote once again from "Life Sketches" pp. 186-187:

Quote No. 19: "God tested and proved his people by the passing of the time in 1843. We fully believe that God, in His Wisdom, designed that His people should meet with a disappointment, which was well calculated to reveal hearts and develop the true characters of those who had proposed to look for and rejoice in the coming of the Lord. Our hopes now centred on the coming of the Lord in 1844. This was the happiest year of my life." (So,  just like the JW's with their false prophecies, the SDA's have blamed God for the failed date of 1843! -- Ed)

Confirmation of the above is also stated from "Origin and Progress: Spiritual Gifts", p. 173:

Quote No. 20: "As the time first set for the advent drew near, the meetings of the believers in Portland were marked by an ever-deepening interest and the crows increasing. But the expected time passed: the Adventists were sorely disappointed, and the scoffers triumphed."

So, did God change His mind? or was E.G. White's confirming vision of Miller's date false, for continuing on, we read:

Quote No. 21: "Many, as we have seen in the preceding chapter, gave up their faith, but the large majority held fast their confidence in God and in the movement, and these were soon able to discover the mistake in the reckoning, and look for THE FULFILMENT OF THEIR HOPES IN 1844. Again the set time passed, and the Saviour did not appear. The grief and disappointment of Ellen G. Harmon were indeed great."

Today, SDA's claim Ellen G. Harmon was only a young girl at the time and was not responsible for the aforementioned dates. Many wrongly claim the dates were of William Miller's doing.  Ellen G. White has admitted that she "believed Miller." She has previously admitted to prophecies concerning the "seventh-day", so does she claim a vision to confirm Miller's dates? Where did Miller get his dates? Was Ellen Harmon at the time a church member? The answers to these questions are found in "Origin and Progress: Spiritual Gifts", pp. 171-172 (1907 edition):

Quote No. 22: "In one of her bright intervals, Miss Harmon was baptised and became a member of the Methodist Church. In the summer of 1842 she attended a second course of lectures given by William Miller." On page 172 of the same book it is recorded that, because of her zeal in witnessing about the soon coming Christ in 1843, "... not long after this, Miss Harmon, with her parents, brother and sisters, was expelled from the local Methodist church."

In the above publication, "Origin and Progress" p173, it is quoted: "... and these were soon able to discover the mistake in the reckoning, and look to the fulfilment of their hopes in the Autumn of 1844." What mistake? Again God is here clearly given the blame for the 1843 failure in the book "Early Writings -- The Gathering Time", p. 74:

Quote No. 23: "September 23, the Lord showed me that He had stretched out His hand the second time to recover his people, and that the efforts must be redoubled in His gathering time. I have seen that the 1843 CHART was directed by the hand of the Lord, and it should not be altered; and that the figures were as He wanted them; that His hand was over and hid a mistake in some figures so that no one could see it, until His hand was removed. Then I saw in relation to the "daily" (Daniel 8:12) that the word "sacrificial" was supplied by man's wisdom and does not belong to the text, and that the Lord gave the correct view of it to those who gave the judgment hour cry."

To what chart did E.G. White refer? To the chart mentioned in Quote 23? We must establish this chart securely for it proves William Miller never claimed he saw a vision, or that God told him the dates. He worked them out on this chart. He was merely in error. On the chart his starting point can clearly be seen as a Bible reference to Daniel's 70 weeks and the 2,300 days. (Daniel 9:25; Ezra 7:7)

It is quite clear that E.G. White was not a young girl in error, for she verified BY PROPHECY that the chart was from God (Quote 23), and that the Lord's coming in 1843 and 1844 were direct prophecies from God. The date on the chart and then the corrected date never did come to pass. This proves beyond all doubt that E.G. White is a self-convicted FALSE PROPHET. It must be stated again that if E.G. White is NOT a false prophet, then her visions and prophecy from God (Quote 11) are true. That is to say, every other church not keeping the Saturday sabbath* is CORRUPT and IN THE POSSESSION OF SATAN. Their professions, their prayers and their exhortations are an ABOMINATION in the sight of God (see Quote 13).

It is stated that E.G. White has had hundreds of visions and admittedly, many things she said did come true -- why? because one is reasonably on 'safe-ground' to predict that there will be earthquakes, famines, pestilence, etc...according to Matthew 24! However, don't forget that with a true prophet, all prophecies must be fulfilled. The SDA organisation has claimed at times that they were not originally "Millerites." They also play down the early life and prophecies of E.G. White. Is this done so that her early prophecies, which were absolute failures, will not be prominent? Subsequently, the SDA publication "Midnight Cry", p. 485, says:

Quote No. 24: "SDA's were at first largely confined to the New England States. In 1855, the headquarters were moved to Battle Creek, Michigan. In 1860, the name Seventh-day Adventist was officially adopted. In May 1863, a formal denominational organisation was created. In 1903, the headquarters were moved to Washington."

However, another statement showing the Millerite link with the SDA's is made by Francis D. Nichol, published by the "Review and Herald", p. 10:

Quote No. 25: "We have spiritual kinship with the Millerites, we belong to a religious body (Seventh-day Adventists) whose roots go down into the soil of Millerism. Long established judicial rules require a judge to disqualify himself from sitting on a case on which he has any personal interest. He may honorably act as an advocate for one side, but not as a judge between disputants. We believe the same principles hold for an author." The 'Midnight Cry' is described as a "Defence of the Character and Conduct of William Miller and the Millerites who mistakenly believed that the second coming of Christ would take place in the year 1844." (They first believed it would occur in 1843!)

Was Ellen G. White a Millerite? Did she, and not Miller himself, confirm by prophecy (a vision from God) that Miller's chart and dates were correct and from God? Did E.G. White confirm by prophecy a vision from God that the teaching of Joseph Bates was correct and from God? Did E.G. White state that by vision from God, all other churches are corrupt, satanic and an abomination? That the door of grace was closed by God in 1844 (and only those who keep the Saturday sabbath can now be saved)? The answer to all  these questions is a resounding YES!

Do you know that the SDA who speaks to you does not know these facts from their own literature? They are genuinely deceived. Handle them lovingly and gently. Remember, TRUTH can be injurious if not ministered in love. The SDA will try to do to you what has been done to him: they will continually bring in Bible doctrine to prove their point.

In speaking with an SDA, initially it's best to adhere to the prophetic material, and not discuss doctrine. If they cannot see Ellen G. White as a false prophet, then of course they must see her as a true prophet, and consequently, see your church as corrupt, satanic and an abomination to God (see Quote 13).

Remember the SDA organisation themselves admit Miller's dates were incorrect, and endeavour to disassociate themselves (i.e. Ellen G. White) from involvement with the Millerites, hence their claim that Ellen G. White was just a young girl during Miller's time. The SDA witness will not deny their personal belief in Ellen G. White and therefore, are deceived. Has Jesus' warning in Matthew 7:15 been fulfilled? "Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly are ravenous wolves"!

As said before, a prophet is one who claims to speak for another. If these people speak for Ellen G. White, then they are prophets of Ellen G. White! If they claim to be Christians and hold to Ellen G. White as a prophet, then they are also claiming that you, as a Christian are deceived; for God showed their prophet, Ellen G. White, in a vision that you are corrupt, satanic and your prayers, etc., are an abomination in the sight of God!

How can it be proven beyond all doubt that Ellen G. White is a false prophet? Jesus tells us how in Matthew 7:16, "Ye shall know them by their fruits. Do men gather grapes off thorns, or figs off thistles?." This verse shows that you shall know an orange tree by its oranges (fruit); a prophet by their prophecies (fruit) -- a false prophet bears false prophecies (fruit). Do you get figs (true prophecies) from thistles (false prophets)? No!! We must examine a prophet's prophecies only, never their doctrines. (It is a False Teacher who is examined by his doctrine).

So, if SDA's claim they are Christians, and you are a Christian -- then why are they trying to convert YOU? Because of their belief of Ellen G. White's vision in Quote 13? Jesus has already said that false prophets will come to you in sheep's (Christians') clothing. The sheep's skin on this 'Ellen G. White wolf' is very thick...

Jesus said that false prophets would look like a sheep, therefore they would have to act like a sheep -- baa like a sheep, smell like a sheep, even say they follow the right shepherd, Jesus. But this 'Jesus' of the SDA's is not the Jesus of the Evangelical Church!  SDA's believe that Jesus, the Son of God, is MICHAEL THE ARCHANGEL. This statement is taken from: "Questions on Doctrine", p. 71, Question 8; "Spiritual Gifts", Vol. 4a, p. 58; "Prophets and Kings", p. 572; "Desire of Ages", p. 99; and "Story of Redemption", p. 173.

Scriptures tell us that satan appears as an ANGEL of Light. Could this be the ANGEL Ellen G. White saw and was guided by? Do you know Christ as a Person or as an Angel? And do you believe in Hell, as Jesus taught? SDA's don't! Get to know your Bible, a "lamp" to guide you; read and study it often. The Word is God speaking to you. God and His Word are one. It is our contact with God -- it is His contact with us (John 16:7-10). Jesus promised that the Holy Spirit would lead us into all truth! (John 16:13). Therefore, knowing the Word is to know the Truth.

Here is where the SDA's are presented with a problem. Having a different Jesus (Michael) and a false prophet (Ellen G. White), must raise the question: "What spirit leads them into their truth?" Is it the Holy Spirit? 1 Timothy 4:1 says, "The Spirit explicitly says that in later times some will fall away from the faith, paying attention to deceitful spirits and doctrines of demons." 2 Timothy 4:3-4 also says, "For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but wanting to have their ears tickled, they will accumulate for themselves teachers in accordance with their own desires; and will turn away their ears from the truth, and will turn aside to myths."

You are encouraged to read the following guidelines from the Word: Matthew 7:15-23; Luke 21:8; 2 Peter 2:1-3. These verses are God's own measuring rod. In the light of these verses, how do the SDA's measure up with His standard?


"Jesus is Michael the Archangel" -- therefore the SDA Jesus is 'another Jesus' -- 2 Corinthians 11:4

"Michael, or Christ, with the angels that buried Moses, came down from heaven, after he (Moses) had remained in the grave a short time, and resurrected him, and took him to heaven." SPIRITUAL GIFTS, Vol. 4a, p. 58.

"... and before the contest closed, Christ Himself came to Gabriel's aid. 'The Prince of the kingdom of Persia withstood me one and twenty days', Gabriel declares; 'but lo, Michael, one of the chief princes, came to help me; and I remained there with the kings of Persia'." (Daniel 10:13) PROPHETS AND KINGS, p. 572.

"The words of the angel, 'I am Gabriel, that stand in the presence of God', show that he holds a position of high honour in the heavenly courts. When he came with a message to Daniel, he said, 'There is none that holdeth with me in these things, but Michael (Christ) your prince'." (Daniel 10:21) THE DESIRE OF AGES, p. 99

"Michael, or Christ, with the angels that buried Moses, came down from heaven, after he had remained in the grave a short time, and resurrected him and took him to heaven ... Satan claimed the body of Moses, because of his one transgression; but Christ meekly referred him to His Father, saying, 'The Lord rebuke thee'." (Jude 9) THE STORY OF REDEMPTION, p. 173

Soul Sleep "In the year 1844 I accepted the doctrine we now hold, concerning the non-immortality of the soul, as may be seen by reference to LIFE SKETCHES, pp. 170-171 (1880 edition)."

Hypnosis "Ellen G. White early in her experience was cautioned regarding the perils of hypnosis, and in later years, on a number of occasions, she received instruction regarding it." EARLY WRITINGS, p. 298

Why Her Prophecy Failed This is the SDA explanation of E.G. White's failed prophecies: "Thus the work was hindered, and the world was left in darkness. Had the whole Adventist body united the commandments of God and the faith of Jesus, how widely different would have been our history." SELECTED MESSAGES 1, p. 299.

Slavery will not be Destroyed by Civil War "The system of slavery, which has ruined our nation, is left to live and stir up another rebellion." TESTIMONY FOR THE CHURCH, p. 255


In Conclusion: Mentioned in the letter from the SDA lady which I quoted at the beginning of this page, is the following, "I have the power and authority of Jesus on my side now. His Spirit has united with my spirit and it will lead me straight through to the kingdom where I'll see Jesus. My Christian growth and life has progressed more in the last six months than it has in thirty years. Even my husband is pleased with the change in me at home! But he still gets hostile and forbids me even to say, Praise the Lord. Keep praying for me, please, and especially for my husband." Truly here is a testimony, as Paul's in 2 Timothy 1:12: "Therefore, I suffer as I do, but I am not ashamed, FOR I KNOW WHOM I HAVE BELIEVED, and I am sure that he is able to guard until that day what has been entrusted to Him."

Jesus gave us the key when asked by His disciples as to when He was to return, and what would be the sign of His coming: He said: "Take heed that no one leads you astray ... for false Christs and false prophets will arise and show great signs and wonders, so as to lead astray, if possible, even the elect" (Matthew 24:3-5 and 24)

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